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€˜If you haven’t heard about the Handcart Bwoy, you must be living in a cave on a remote, deserted island because Perfect Giddimani is one of the most powerful, intriguing and refreshing voices on today’s Reggae / Dancehall scene.

This is the first phrase that describes Perfect Giddimani, Greg Rose by his real name, on his reverbnation official page. The artist has recently released a brand new album, called Better Off Dread, so we asked him a couple of questions. Let’s see what Perfect Giddimani thinks about the Better Off Dread, Bobo Shanti or the Vybz Kartel conviction, just to name three of the subjects we appoached.

Q1: Your new album Better Off Dread is with Jah Youth Productions. How did you link with them?

Perfect Giddimani:

I linked with Jah Youth Productions through Chalice Row Records from Oregon / USA. I was doing some recording for the label back in 2009 and the producers from both labels knew each other.

Q2: Could you tell us some insights about the Better Off Dread album?

Perfect Giddimani:

The album is produced by Jeffery Bohler (Jah Youth Productions) and Greg Rose (Giddimani Records). It was recorded and composed between Hawaii / Oregon and Miami. Better Off Dread was the first song which was recorded for the album back in 2011. A lot of projects were on hand during that period so Jeff and I decided to put the project on hold.

We began production work once more in late 2013 and it was finished in January 2014. The album has multiple producers which i hand picked to invent this masterpiece of work, Dreadsquad (Poland), Forever Music (Jamaica), Weedy G (Switzerland), House Of Riddim (Austria) and a few more.

Musicians on the album are some of the best from the genre which includes Sly & Robbie, Dean Fraser, Dalton Brownie, Robbie Lyn and others.

Q3: What is your message to the people?

Perfect Giddimani:

My message to the people is the name of the album Better Off Dread, I am better off dread indeed.

Q4: In general, do you listen to what critics say? 🙂

Perfect Giddimani:

I really don’t care what they say about me, just make sure they spell my name right!

Perfect Giddimani 2 - Zona Reggae

Q5: Your song Laugh!!! has been interpreted by some people as a diss to Snoop Lion, Justin Bieber & Rihanna. Could you tell us more about this tune?

Perfect Giddimani:

Every now and then I’ve got to do some cleaning up so I was just seperating the sheeps from the wolves using my music as the tool.

Q6: How did you become a part of Bobo Shanti?

Perfect Giddimani:

I grew up around the tradition in my teenage years and always admired the lifestyle, principles and the teachings of Prince Emanuel Charles Edwards (founder of Bobo Shanti order in Jamaica), so I naturally adapted the faith. I was called a King, sealed with a turban on my head and my mission was / is to slew the beast of babylon. This movement has bestowed so much confidence in my life that I’m very happy and proud to say I’m a Bobo Ashante.

Q7: Many people associate ganja with Jamaica. When you say ganja, many people think about this beautiful country called Jamaica. So, could you explain to us why ganja isn’t legalized in Jamaica? 🙂

Perfect Giddimani:

The Rastaman in Jamaica is responsible for this. It’s like they almost made it legal, lol.

Remember Bob and Peter used to just sit and smoke openly while been interviewed, chalice pipes were not hidden because a photographer was on spot. Over the years no matter how dirty babylon say I must not smoke the herb we still smoke it, them beat us lock us up, extort us, but we still sing about it and smoke the herb even in front the court house and police station so it always look like its legal to the outside world but in fact its not.

One of the main reasons I think it’s not legalized is that although Jamaica is an independent nation, it’s still considered to be the Queen of England‘s backyard and that’s why we have a General Governor.

Q8: What do you think about Vybz Kartel’s conviction?

Perfect Giddimani:

It’s a very sad outcome for all the parties that were involved in this unfortunate dilemma. I pray that their families find perfect peace.

Perfect Giddimani loves Germany - Zona ReggaeQ9: Could you tell us where your favorite place to perform is? We know that you have been all around the world. 

Perfect Giddimani:

Germany!!! That’s where I have my biggest fan base. They really love Giddimani.

Q10: Please name three artists that you want to collaborate with in the future. 

Perfect Giddimani:

Ziggy Marley, Pharrell, Sade.

Q11: What’s next, musically speaking?

Perfect Giddimani:

I have singles from various producers that will be released as always, plus the big mighty album Reggae Farm Work, produced by Irie Ites Records from France which will be in stores later this year.

Q12: Have you got a message that you’d like to share with the readers of

Perfect Giddimani:

I love u my brother, love u my sister black or white, whether you worship in your church temple or mosque we are all one children of one father: His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie Jah Rastafari.


Review: Perfect Giddimani – Better Off Dread


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