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Riddim Colony feat Dub FX – Behold – Video

Vecinii noștri unguri de la Riddim Colony lansau în anul 2013 un nou album la label-ul Batelier Records intitulat Rise & Shine. Poate cea mai populară piesă de pe respectiva creație o reprezenta colaborarea realizată cu eclecticul artist australian Dub FX, numită Behold.

Recent, acest hit are parte și de material video, unul pe care noi vă invităm să-l urmăriți în continuare. Enjoy!


Dub Fx and Riddim Colony got your soul

Live the life you love and love the life you live
Keep it positive
Rock my soul

G Ras
Behold, Idren behold
The truth a the teachin that Selassie I told
Behold, children behold
The youth dem a gettin too cold
Behold, Idren behold
The truth a the teachin that I-sus Christ told
Behold, children behold
Your soul can never be sold

G Ras
You dunno life has its twists and turns,
And if wanna reap man you haffi sow first
Things shoulda be better instead a gettin worst,
It’s time to quench your soul’s thurst
Remember that nah mek you rich now, Idren what is inna your purse
I hope, you go realize
Who Jah bless, no man curse

Dub Fx
Ya know we dance to the rhythm in the hot and the cold
The youth must be told that the future will unfold
In a projection in a divine collection im told
Rejection of your love and affection is cold so behold
Feel the fire burning in your soul
Reach up to the sky stand up high and be tall
And behold
This life is not a rehearsal its gold
Walk through the fire reaching higher and controlled

(G Ras)
Behold, Idren behold
The truth a the teachin that Selassie I told
Behold, children behold
The youth dem a gettin too cold
(Dub Fx)
Behold, Brethren behold
Dub Fx and Riddim Colony bring yuh soul
Behold, I said Brethren behold
You know that the youth must be told

G Ras
Waan no frenemy no enemy inna mi area
Love mi a bring, mi a hate eliminator
See mi now, mi similar to Mom Theresa
Ci seh mi no wanna put any man inna danger
Sick a di wicked dem a gettin power
White collar hooligan dem a be the ruler
Fools dem a school unu witha proganda
But we a neva goin under

Dub Fx
Break the mould
Babylon wants your fire and gold
Them try to keep you scared and to where their blindfold
So with hold reptilian politricks oversold
Babylon is poluted in mould

G Ras
Rasta cyaan fit in no Babylon company
Coz I&I have a greater mission for humanity
Mi nah go waste mi time, no energy
On certain tings dat nah deal with pure positivity
We got to nice up all our society
But you need to start it with your own livity
Being conscious in dis times is a necessity
Fire pon iniquity


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Riddim Colony feat Dub FX - Behold - Video - Zona Reggae

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