Jamie Irie – On My Way Home – Video

Britanicul Jamie Irie colabora cu cei de la House Of Riddim și lansa în anul 2012 un nou album numit Words Can Be So Simple.

Piesa On My Way Home, inclusă pe respectiva creație are parte de astăzi și de un clip reprezentativ. Câteva din versurile acestui track sună cam așa:

I, am on my way home (I’m coming home to my empress)
I, am on my way home (I’m coming home to my princess)
I, am on my way home (I’m coming home to my wifey)
I, am on my way home

(Verse 1)
I feel my nature calling me
I’m moving in the right direction
Instinctively I hear your plea
Watching the love collection
I wanna know is your love gonna be forever more
Cause I need to be in your arms for eternity

(Verse 2)
The way you got me girl
I’m in a spell I feel so hypnotized
I’m under your control
You got me totally so mesmerized
Cannot move a muscle
Could say that I’m paralyzed
Wait a minute I need to get stabilized
Good, good loving you control my love station
Cause I want you in my arms forever more

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