Boosh Kash feat Gully Bop – Rave! – Video

Artist: Boosh Kash, Gully Bop
Single: Rave!
Label: Boosh Kash Music | VPAL Music
Data lansãrii: 26 Mai 2015
Format: Digital

Boosh Kash, dansator, actor și artist reggae jamaican, a colaborat cu noua senzație a muzicii dancehall, redescoperitul Gully Bop, pentru a lansa un nou single de vară.

Piesa cu pricina, numită Rave!, beneficiază acum și de clip.

Zona Reggae



It’s summer time again
All the gyal dem in dem latest trends
We a go a Dream Weekends
We a go party wid the girls and we friends yeah

Rave, we a rave
We a rave

We naw stop rave
We a rave

(Verse 1)
Loddy daddy
Mi a drive the Audi
Love fi si the gyal dem wid the summer body
Buck a gyal from down a Trinidad
That deh gyal deh a mad over the Gully
Suh mi tek her down a ATI
And meck shi look into a meetieye
A pare tears weh the matie cry
But a drink wi a drink and a rave tonight

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Hennessy in my vane
We smoking the highest grade
We keep part, inna nuh grave
Suh mi a follow Poppy and just Gwaan rave

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Bikini and summer top
Suh Gully Bop touch down in a drag top
Go a tour and mi just come back
Pocket nuh empty, pocket full a cash
Anyweh mi go a pare Champagne a splash
Cable nuh empty, my cable pack
Hennessy, Grey Goose and Ciroc

(Repeat Chorus)

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