Interviu cu Nattali Rize

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Interview with Nattali Rize

Nattali Rize is one of the rising stars in reggae music nowadays. Today, she is releasing her first solo project, called New Era Frequency EP, alongside Notis (Wayne ‘Unga’ Thompson & Jason ‘BigBass’ Welsh) from Jamaica.

We had the chance to take an interview with Nattali so you can read it below. You can listen to New Era Frequency EP here.

Nattali Rize is also the singer of the Australian reggae band, Blue King Brown.

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Q1: How did you come up with the New Era Frequency project?

Nattali Rize:

New Era Frequency is the debut EP release from a special collaboration between myself and Jamaican production / drum and bass duo, Notis.

I first met Unga Barunga from Notis in Australia when he was touring with Jimmy Cliff, playing drums. The night we met we wrote and recorded our debut single Rebel Love feat Zuggu Dan. Zuggu was also on tour playing guitar with Jimmy Cliff. So I decided to explore this musical, mystical connection further. I moved to Kingston, Jamaica where I spent six months writing and recording material including what you will hear on New Era Frequency

We are very excited to finally be able to share some of these frequencies with you!

Zona Reggae
Nattali Rize & Notis

Q2: Who are the people who supported you the most and what were their role in the making of this EP?

Nattali Rize:

There was a core team of Unga Barunga, Carlo ‘One Rebel Creative’, Mikki Lioness, and myself. While we were all involved in the writing of the music, it was definitely Carlo and Mikki who were the key supporters and the ones who made everything not just possible, but made it flow…

Unga and I are ever grateful for their hard work in not only making this EP a reality but also toward making the live show a reality. We are now touring the US and using our music to help lift the consciousness on our planet. It is a big part of who we are and what we do, it’s not just music alone, it’s also the messages and the bigger picture of being a part of the evolving movements around the world of people standing up for what they believe in and taking their power back…deciding to stand up to the systems that don’t serve them.

Q3: How did your collaborations with Kabaka Pyramid and Zuggu Dan come to life?

Nattali Rize:

Zuggu Dan was there at the first meeting between me and Notis… We all started writing and recording Rebel Love the night we met, we were enjoying some food together and listening to some music when we just moved into the studio and started creating together. Zuggu Dan is a very talented artist and we are stoked to have his debut voicing with us on Rebel Love, keep your eyes and ears out for him in the future!

Connecting with Kabaka Pyramid came through Notis. We had recorded the song Generations Will Rize and were looking for an artist that would fit the intention and energy of the song, I went to a show in Kingston and saw Kabaka perform live. After seeing him perform I knew that he would be the right artist for the space we had on the track. The night we recorded his vocals was the night we met and also had a great instant connection…Keep your ears out for more from me and Kabaka, nuff new conscious music coming your way from us…soon!

Q4: Which label supervised the recordings and how did they go?

Nattali Rize:

We are independent and did our own recording and supervising.

Q5: Your music and lyrics have a powerful message. Can you tell what inspired you when you wrote the songs?

Nattali Rize:

The dream of higher consciousness on this planet inspires me… The growing world movement towards Truth, Justice, Freedom and Love, inspires me. I see communities around the world making their words walk, putting into action their own concepts and ideas of how their world should run… I am inspired by the art, music, vibrations of those who have gone before I… those musicians who paved the way, who spoke their minds and weren’t afraid to say it as they saw it… They are inspiration for me.

Zona Reggae
Nattali Rize

Q6: How do you define the concept of mental slavery and what solutions do you think there are to overcome it?

Nattali Rize:

Mental slavery is the system we live under having us believe we are ‘free’ to think and feel how we want, when the truth is we are constantly bombarded from birth, with propaganda on how we should feel, think, speak, listen, act and live.

That is not REAL Freedom. We are only allowed to think freely within a very narrow paradigm of thought when the Truth is there is so much more to life than we’ve been taught, and we as individuals and as a whole are more potent and powerful than we have ever been led to believe.

We are capable of multi dimensional existence, we are capable of telepathy, ascension, to all be spiritually realized, advanced, beings of light. The system keeps us serving it not only through mental slavery, but many other forms of manipulation and deception… Stop watching their TV, their movies, reading their newspapers, stop listening to and participation in their game of illusion…And Keep waking up and shaking the chains of all forms of slavery and reclaiming your power, your identity, your Freedoms and your Future…Keep Rizing Up.

Q7: The actual situation in western Papua New Guinea isn’t well known in Europe, can you give us more details?

Nattali Rize:

West Papua is the western half of the island of New Guinea and was one land mass before colonization throughout the area. West Papua actually used to be a Dutch colony. The Dutch were preparing West Papua for Independence and exiting the territory, when it was invaded by Indonesia in 1961.

From that moment West Papua has been under a brutal, oppressive, violent and unjust occupation. There are other nations implicated in the ongoing genocide and abusive control of West Papua. They are the United Nations, the US and Australia.

West Papua is home to the biggest gold mine in the world and second biggest copper mine, as usual where there are resources, there are the greedy nations controlling them, displacing the indigenous of the region and exploiting their environment, community and oppressing them to the point of massacres, jailing people just for raising their flag, and using a migration program to make West Papuans a minority in their own country.

Despite all this, West Papuans are determined and resolute in their fight for Full Freedom and more and more people around the world are becoming aware of their plight and engaging in the movement toward real justice and sovereignty for West Papua. Please follow FreeWestPapuaCampaign on facebook (click for the link) for up to date info and news from inside Papua and from all the communities and organizations around the world helping to spread the word and amplify the Movement, the Rize of the Morning Star… FREE WEST PAPUA NOW!

Zona Reggae
Nattali Rize

Q8: What was the reaction in western Papua New Guinea at the messages you sent not only through music, but the speech you held in 2012? Have any groups formed following your “wake up call”?

Nattali Rize:

The response from Papuans both inside and outside of the nation, has been one of being extremely grateful for someone outside of Papua to raise their voices in the name of Freedom for West Papua. West Papuans have felt like their voices are falling on deaf ears for a long time, now they can see that there are people like us and many others who are actually standing up for them and their struggle…this gives them hope and energetic momentum to keep pushing, keep fighting, keep rizing because one day they know in their deepest of hearts that they will be FREE.

I can’t say if any groups formed because of our actions in 2012, but I know that Australians and others around the world are much more well informed about the issue of West Papua through the power of art, music, film and the advancement of indigenous groups around the planet connecting and unifying around issues that effect them and their brothers and sisters in other parts of the world.. One People, One Destiny, One Love.

Q9: Now that you have a solo career what are your next objectives?

Nattali Rize:

New music, New Live stage show, more conscious sounds and vibrations to contribute to the awakening and the raising of consciousness in this Reality.

Q10: You are a singer in Blue King Brown. Are you preparing any new songs in the near future with the band?

Nattali Rize:

Not at the moment. However we have only just recently released our 3rd studio album, Born Free. And we are continuing to tour it in Australia this summer. Blue King Brown are still going strong and will continue to be present and active on the scene!

Q11: Have you considered a tour in Europe?

Nattali Rize:

Of course..We’d love to come to Europe, to tour throughout the EU and connect directily with our family in all areas and regions. We are currently manifesting such a tour and we will hopefuly be seeing you sooner rather than later! Much love and respect for the support, stay in touch with me and my project with Notis through our facebook pages, instagram and twitter. All accounts are nattalirize and notisja. Bless!

Thanks a lot. Jah Bless!

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