Interviu cu Mr Vegas

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Interview with Mr Vegas

International Reggae and Dancehall Icon Mr Vegas recently announced the upcoming release of his new album Lovers Rock And Soul, an 11 track LP filled with reggae renditions of popular classics that have been loved over the generations.

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Q1: What’s the idea behind the Lovers Rock And Soul album and in what under what circumstances did it release?

Mr Vegas:

I wanted to do an album, where people could just dance and sing along to all the songs. The album is all covers, by choice.

Loves rock is a part of our musical culture and I think that part does not get much attention these days. Everything can’t be going fast, you have to slow it down at times.

Zona Reggae
Mr Vegas

Q2: What were the criteria in picking the new album songs?

Mr Vegas:

I picked songs that I think fits my sound, I also chose catchy songs that I know will have an effect on people. Maybe a song might remind you of the first time you made love or first date, for example.

Q3: Mr Vegas is well-known worldwide more as a dancehall icon. So, how do you think your fans will react at your new project?

Mr Vegas:

My true fans, will appreciate diversity. My true fans know that I can do the hype up dancehall songs. I see their comments on my cover of Thinking Out Loud so they also inspired me to do this album.

Q4: Could you tell us which were the musicians involved in recording the Riddims for Lovers Rock And Soul?

Mr Vegas:

Cleveland “Cleve” Browne (drums & bass), Errol “Flabba” Holt (bass), Kirkledove (drums), Steven “Lenky” Marsden (keyboard), Wade Johnson (keyboard) and Dean Fraser (horns).

Zona ReggaeQ5: What is your strategy for promoting the album?

Mr Vegas:

Radio / TV interviews, print media, online magazines, upcoming tours, social media.. We also plan to officially release the album in Jamaica and New York. In general, we just encourage everyone to listen to the album.

Q6: Which are the artists that inspired you in your career?

Mr Vegas: 

Bob Marley, Tenor Saw, Sanchez, Beenie Man, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston.

Q7: Which are the young artists that you believe will have a bright future in reggae & dancehall music?

Mr Vegas: 

Latty J, Natel, Romain Virgo and Chronixx.

Q8: What do you consider most important in music: success or the message that you send to the people?

Mr Vegas: 

If you have success, you can send the message to a wider audience. So, the answer is both: success and positive message works hand in hand.

Q9: Which are your top 3 favourite Mr Vegas all-time tunes? 

Mr Vegas: 

I Am Blessed, Do You Know, Bruk It Down.

Q10: What’s the difference between performing in the United States, Jamaica and the other parts of the globe? Which is your favorite reggae festival?

Mr Vegas: 

Jamaica is more hardcore .You have to be careful what you perform and what time you perform certain materials.
Places like Europe, enjoy the roots reggae at anytime.

Q11: Do you plan an European tour for 2016?

Mr Vegas: 

Right now, I am not sure for Europe 2016.. Will let the fans know soon.

Thank you very much for your answers. Bless!


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