Interviu cu Profit

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Interview with Profit

Profit este numele unui duo german, compus din Martin Hewing și Florian Achatzy. Cei doi producători se disting printr-un stil muzical unic, care îmbină influențe reggae și dancehall cu sunetul electronic modern caracteristic muzicii de dans contemporane.

În anticiparea celui de-al doilea EP lansat sub numele Profit, am intrat în legătură cu Martin și Florian pentru a afla mai multe despre proiectul Profit. Vă invităm să citiți mai jos interviul nostru cu cei doi băieți. Lectură plăcută!

Q1: Hi, guys! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and your musical background? When and how did you get into making music?


Well, we both are drummers and play in various bands. According to these bands, Martin might be a bit more of a punk rock guy and Florian more into Jazz, but generally our musical background is spread pretty wide open.

Q2: When did the two of you meet, and what made you want to start producing together?


We know each other for a long time. We went to school together, took drumlessons together. When we found out that we both were nosey about producing and dig the same styles of music we just sat down and started it off. We just seemed to have quite a similar understanding of it! As mentioned, we are both drummers and it’s not a big step from playing beats to programming them. About 12 years ago we started a project called DUB TAO and produced and released Drum & Bass under that name until we started PROFIT a couple of years ago.Profit - Grenade

Q3: Why did you choose the name Profit and what does it signify in relation to your music?


That’s a good question! To be honest, we just liked the word and the fact that it is a common word into which everybody can lay as much or little significance as he wants. We also liked the fact that it is a bit of a persiflage to name a Reggae-based and dancefloor-orientated music project PROFIT. The artwork of the EP is reflecting that a bit: a hand grande with a dollar sign as trigger.

Q4: What are your favorite genres and artists, and which do you consider influential to your own music?


Puh, our musical background and our interests are many. We pretty much listen to everything and get ideas and inspiration from everywhere. Todays popular music just mixes all kinds of different styles together within one song, so you can just digest anything really hahah. A huge influence for us was and ever will be Dub though. The work of King Tubby and Lee Perry is just timeless.

Q5: How would you describe the music that you are putting out? What are the key elements that you always pursue when building a new track?


We just try to catch a flavor. It’s bass music with the rawness of dancehall and also a certain dub flavor. And, for this EP, the focus was to come up with tunes which are certainly bound for the dance!

Q6: What is your take on the music creation, recording, and production process? How do you work in the studio?


We mostly start off with a sample. Sometimes we have something in mind, sometimes we just bring randomly records to the studio and search. As soon as we found something, we come up with a beat and a bassline and try to get a proper sequence together. But the hard part always is to make a tune out of it, a reasonable piece of music. Whether it’s with vocals or without…

Profit Photo 1

Q7: The new EP sounds very fresh and unique. When did you start working on it, and how long did it take to finish it?


We started about 1.5 ago. We came up with the riddims quite fast. But as just said, once you get the vocals on it, it is always hard work and takes very long to make a convincing tune and arrangement out of it.

Q8: Did you work with live musicians on this release, was the production mainly computer based, or a combination of the two?


We played some elements ourselves, such as a drum or guitar, and quite a lot is based on samples. But the major part was done with the computer.

Q9: Never Trouble is my favorite track from the EP. Can you tell us the story behind this song? How did you come up with the brilliant idea of including steel drums in the instrumental?


From the scratch on it was the plan to have a tune like “Never Trouble Trouble” on the EP: easy, with a good and positive vibe based on a classic soca rhythm. Well, what can we say, when we were messing around with the steel drums, we found out that they simply required for this tune!

Q10: What are your plans for the future? Any thoughts on releasing a full album?


For now we are busy promoting and pushing this EP, also doing DJ and soundsystem gigs. Then we gonna concentrate on remixes and the next step is a full album. Be on the lookout, hahaha…

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