Jason Lee Worton – Here It Comes – Video

Artist: Jason Lee Worton
Single: Here It Comes
Label: –
Data lansarii: 1 Mai 2015
Format: Digital

Artistul jamaican Jason Lee Worton are plăcerea de a ne prezenta single-ul său de debut, numit Here It Comes. Cântecul, care beneficiază și de material video, reprezintă o încrucișare între genurile reggae și rock.

Vizionare plăcută!

Zona Reggae


Life is like a Guinness, believe it or not
some like it cold, some like it hot
all I know is I like it a lot
know what i like to roll up when i rock
said i play rock, i dont smoke rock no
got a sweet stalk of colly in my backpack yeah
when i reach outside i will unleash that
til then my guitar sound off YEAH
OOh, Watch out! Here it Comes…

I got holes in my jeans, I got holes in my socks
But I can still play that dubrock for you
my guitar neck it was almost broken in two
can still teach you a thing or two, like this
Make a wish, Cuz life is rich, and sometimes
life is a bit unpleasant!
so take your pick, and take it quick
Cuz im about to scratch this itch
Yeah! aaaahhhh, watch out! here it comes

Youre gonna see me smiling
that dont mean that everything is ok
Even in a revolution in an armageddeon
you got to smile anyway
smile anyway, smile anyway, smile anyway

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