Interviu cu Jago

Artistul londonez Jago se pregătește de lansarea albumului său de debut, care se va numi Microphones And Sofas și va purta eticheta label-ului Tru Thoughts.

În anticiparea acestui material, am intrat în legătură cu Jago pentru a afla mai multe detalii despre album, dar și despre trecutul său pe plan muzical.

Ce am aflat, vă invităm să citiți mai jos. Lectură plăcută!


Hi, Jago! Can you tell us a bit about your musical background and how you started singing?

Safe yeah, I was brought into it through jungle. I used to be a DJ at first and I started MCing when I was about 11 years old.

What were the most influential artists that had an impact on the development of your personal style?

I’ve been influenced by many different genres and styles but particularly a lot of UK artists influenced me. The jungle MC’s have played a big part in me loving music in the way I do. I’m not interested in trying to sound like Damian Marley or anything though. Just let it end up sounding how it does, if that makes sense to you.

When did you start working on this solo debut album and how long did it took to finish it?

I started working on an EP with Ed West originally about 2 years ago but then it just ended up turning into an album. So, I didn’t set out to do an album but I was lucky to have a lot of support from so many talented producers and featuring vocalists you know.

The album covers a variety of influences and styles, from one-drop reggae, to dancehall, digital reggae, and even hip-hop. Which of these genres was the first to get your attention when you started your career?

That’s a funny question because it was jungle really that hit me when I was young but from the genres there it’s dancehall.

Your main vocal style is rub-a-dub. If you had to choose one favorite deejay, who would that be and why?

If I had to choose one, Yellowman, because he is the King but he had to overcome so much. I wrote a piece of writing about him on the Unit137 website that you can read if anyone’s interested to know more on that.

How did you come up with the title, Microphones and Sofas, and how does it relate to the content of the album?

I recorded the album sleeping at the studios on sofas or floors and I haven’t had a house or anything for the duration. It might sound a bit raggo but it isn’t really. It relates to the album as the album relates to me and my thoughts and the title came from my thoughts. I only came with it as a way to end the thank you section but I liked how it sounded.

What made you choose Tru Thoughts instead of your crew’s own label, Unit 137, for releasing the album? Did the hip-hop influences play any role?

I rate Tru Thoughts highly and I wanted to be able to get the music out to a more varied audience.

What is your view on the relationship between reggae and hip-hop?

Reggae and hip-hop are reflections. I see the universe and all of us as connected but some things are linked so closely that you can never forget it you know, not for a second. I love to see how the genres blend so perfectly with each other.

How was the recording process conducted for the album? Did you work in the studio with the producers or did they send you the riddims and you adapted your lyrics to the instrumentals?

All the tracks were different. Producers work differently to each other. I just didn’t want to produce for this project myself, I wanted to keep it separate. I recorded all of it in different places but I was there with all featured vocalists when they recorded. Those features were just natural features and I rate all of those artists so highly.

The Ghost Writerz produced four of the tracks, all of them in different styles. Is their versatility the reason you chose to collaborate with them?

I chose to work with the Ghost Writerz because they are sick in my opinion, and in the top 5 or so producers in the UK.

In your lyrics you combine real life experiences, dancefloor specific messages, and matters of life phylosphy. Can you tell us more about the way you balance these elements?

Badly is probably the realist answer to that. I just try to think things over and learn from life experiences. I could get really deep with this one you know. I’ll just let the songs speak for me here.

The lyrics for the track Lost My Way seem to describe a particular situation from a party. Can you give us more details about this story?

Hmm not sure you would want to print it if I did but it’s basically just about greed and lust, drugs or alcohol. Making the wrong choice when you think you’re making the right one. Being lost, because I think we’ve all been there in one way or another. Its also making fun of myself. Got to laugh at yourself, unless it’s when you’re telling bad jokes and no one else is laughing.

You already had a very strong start for 2016, with this solo debut LP and the forthcoming album with Hylu. What’s next? Have you got any plans which involve your colleagues from onlyjoe?

We’re working on an album with onlyjoe and I’m working with Deemas.J on a project. Also doing an EP with Galak Spiritual. This album with unit137 will be good too. I want to do more jungle and I’ve been making plans with FLeCK as well as a couple of other great producers. I’m happy making music and collaborating, so more of that hopefully.


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