A#keem – More Life – Video

După Still Around, A#keem ne oferă spre ascultare o nouă piesă, More Life, dublată și de clip. Materialul este creat de către Morgan Mathews pentru iOne Productions.

Artistul a declarat următoarele despre noua sa realizare:

Quite often we find ourselves in a state of mind far from conducive to happiness and self growth, which is mainly induced by such petty and insignificant circumstances, people, or things. We stress and complain over the lack of worldly, meaningless things, instead of appreciating and embracing what is at hand; like life, freedom, love, health, and the abundance of resources granted by mother nature. In these unfortunate times we must take ah ease back, humble thyself and see that we have all we need, so stop this greed and just relax, and give thanks for life.

Vizionare plăcută!

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