Flox feat Naaman – High Rope – Video

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Artist: Flox, Naaman
Single: High Rope
Label: Underdog Records
Data lansarii: 16 Martie 2017
Format: Digital

Flox, un londonez localizat acum la Paris, și Naaman ne oferă spre ascultare un nou single numit High Rope. Enjoy!


Cause we got chimes, rimes even see us on primes times
Walking on tight rope from morning to nightimes
Get up in da morning Flox and Naâman start to climb
Every day up, take it easy, lucky to have the time

Pumped up, to empower every seed
Of hope, love, desire and no matter what ya creed
Cause when the wire swing ya better put away the weed
A slope is the bitter foe ready to make ya bleed
That’s why we…

Keep the wire tight that’s how we cope
Up and the liar with the the rope
Won’t dope us cause we got time to grope
Eyes wide shut but see soap on the slope

Keep the wire tight that’s how we cope and
Keep up with liar and the rope
Inspire other squire we got hope
Crossfire and we never get tired nope

Everday dem put the squire down
Medias everywhere stampin’ on the frown
Kicking out the faith in hope in a playground
The more shock, better view, rocket on town

Friends at the door ya betting put ya gear together
Coz we can spread hope not be the bellwether
You gotta realise one day we can altogether live
As love is bright, light like a feather


Don’t wanna harm thee
Walk on rope like a journey, come cleary
Balance ya hope ‘till a sway stop
This place you gonna find me

You wanna find me just look at that bunny
Don’t follow that line that some of us draw with honey or money
They talk about dollar ? we know about color !
We focus on the light so that we can cope with the doulor
We focus on the hope thats how we keep our honor

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