Dub Empire – Dub Government

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Artist: Dub Empire
Album: Dub Government
Label: N/A
Release Date: 01/01/2018
Format: Digital


01. Way Side feat Joshua Hales
02. Dub Side
03. Wisdom Crying feat Ras Biblical
04. Wisdom Of Dub
05. Winds From The East feat Isouljah
06. Dub From The East
07. Iron Kingdom feat Dub Invasion
08. Dub Kingdom
09. Bout A Mothers Lifer feat Ras Tinny & Benjahmin Dubdillah
10. Bout A Dub Life
11. Bad For Your Health feat Rob Symeonn
12. Dub For Your Health
13. Wicked Haffy Run feat Dan I 
14. Wicked Haffy Dub
15. Dub Government
16. The Law Of Dub

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