Zahira – Stand Strong – Video

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Artist: Zahira
Single: Stand Strong
Label: N/A
Producer: Alann Ulises
Release Date: 08/09/2017
Format: Digital


Strength and love can help us override
Any doubt and fear troublin’ our lives

Stand strong like lion
pray all day and night and
Respond with the love in your heart
to all that comes your way

Bow before the mountain
Pray to receive the guidance
Faith shall be restored, in moments we can’t find it
Even when crazy troubles get in our way
Life can be, full of polarity
But we can choose, to balance our energy
Self awareness responsibility

CH) 2x
Stand strong like lion
Pray all day and night and
Respond with the love in your heart
To all that comes your way

Better not run and hide from it
Better now take the time and work on it
Shadows in the dark are now sparked and lit
With the will power and creators gifts
Yes we take the time and get real with it
Take the steps and yeah we get down with it
Victom-hood no we do no longer live
Heavy weight rock we now do choose to lift

CH) 2x

Honoring the Mother
Sister, Brother and Father
Loving enemy even when it’s hard to fight it
Call upon the angels to guide your way
We can be what we choose to be
Live a life full of great integrity
Walk the path of sages living free

CH) 2x

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