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Samory I – Is it Because I’m Black – Video

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Artist: Samory I
Producer: Rory Stone Love
Label: Black Dub
Taken from Black Gold album


The dark brown shades of my skin, only add colour to my tears
That splash against my hollow bones, that rocks my soul
Looking back over my false dreams, that I once knew
Wondering why my dreams never came true

Is it because I’m black?
Somebody tell me, what can I do
Something is holding me back
Is it because I’m black?
In this world of no pity
I survived in the ghetto of Kingston city
Natty congo works so hard
Just to earn every penny
Something is holding me back
Is it because I’m black?

Like a youth smoking his first spliff and got caught
Looking at the picture [..] somewhere my people got lost
Something is holding us back
I wonder, is it because we’re black?
Somebody tell me what can I do
Will I survive, or will I die?

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