Thievery Corporation – Treasures Of The Temple

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Artist: Thievery Corporation
Album: Treasures Of The Temple
Label: ESL Music
Release Date: 20/04/2018
Format: CD | Digital | Vinyl


01. San San Rock
02. History feat mr Lif & Sitali
03. Music To Make You Stagger
04. Letter to the Editor feat Racquel Jones (Thievery Remix)
05. Destroy The Wicked feat Notch
06. Guidance
07. Water Under The Bridge feat Natalia Clavier
08. Voyage Libre feat LouLou Ghelichkhani
09. Road Block feat Racquel Jones (Thievery Remix)
10. Joy Ride feat Mr Lif & Sitali
11. La Force De Melodie feat LouLou Ghelichkhani
12 Waiting Too Long feat Notch

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Treasures Of The Temple

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