Tony Baboon – Informer (Cover) – Live Session

Tony Baboon realizează un cover excelent pentru piesa Informer, original lansată de către Snow, în anul 1992.

Celebrul hit, interpretat de către artistul canadian, a reprezentat un punct de referință pentru începuturile muzicii cu influențe reggae la tv în România.

La prestația pe care o puteți urmări în continuare au contribuit Adrian Carciova (voce), Mihai Balabas (chitară), Paul Alexandru (bass), Sergiu Teslaru (saxofon) și Andrei Marina (DJ).

Vizionare plăcută!


Informer, you no say “daddy, me Snow, me I’ll go blame”
A licky boom-boom down
Detective-mon said daddy me Snow me stab someone down the lane
A licky boom-boom down

Police them come and now they blow down me door
One him come crawl through through my window
So then they put me in the back the car at the station
From that point on me reach my destination
When the destination reached it was the east detention
Where them whipped down me pants looked up me bottom so

Bigger they are they think they have more power
They’re on the phone me say that on (every) hour
Me for want to use it once an’ now me call me lover
Lover who I’ll be callin is the one Tammy
An’ me love her in me heart down to my belly
Yes me daddy me Snow me I feel cool and deadly
As the one MC Shan an’ the one daddy Snow
Together we-a love ’em as a tornado

Listen for me you better listen for me now
Listen for me you better listen for me now
When me rocking the microphone me rock it steady
Yes sir daddy me Snow me are the article don
But in the in an’ the out of a dance them they say where you come from
People them say you come from Jamaica
But me born an’ raised in the ghetto that’s the one I want you to know
Pure black people, mon that’s all I mon know
Yeah me shoes are tear up an’ me toes used to show
Where me born in on the one Toronto so

Come with a nice young lady
Intelligent, yes she’s gentle and irie
Everywhere me go me never left her at all
Yes its daddy Snow me are the roam dance mon
Roam between a dancing in a in a nation-a
You never know say daddy me Snow me are the Boom Shakata
Me never lay-a down flat in that one cardboard box
Yes say me Daddy me Snow me I’ll go reaching at the top, so

Me sitting ’round cool with my dibbie-dibbie girl
Police knock my door, lick up my pal
Rough me up and I can’t do a thing
Pick up my line when my telephone ring
Take me to the station black up my hands
Trail me down cause I’m hanging with the Snowman
What I’m gonna do? I’m backed and I’m trapped
Slap me in the face and took all of my gap
They have no clues and they wanna get warmer
But Shan won’t turn informer

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