Marcus Gad Meets Tamal – River – Video

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Artist: Marcus Gad
Song: River
Label: High Records
Produced by Tamal
Taken from Enter A Space EP


Chorus :
Like the river
Hold on to nothing and flow to the sea
What I am was not born, it is eternally
Forever it has been, forever it will be
One drop to the day, tomorrow in the sea

Like the river the river flow from a misty mountain
Liberate your mind ina conscious ocean
Many thoughts a go by, no need to hold them
You just watch them flow by like a water fountain
This water you cry was once up in the sky, underground.
In the plants and animals that live all around
Same, who you gonna blame?
When nothing and all is the same


Like a water flow are the laws of nature
All bodies go back to the hummus layer
But forever alive ina the water
Egoless and free yes the spirit a prosper
Was before, still is and will be ever after
Holding on to nothing if it’s made out of matter
Ancient of days, pure in all ways
Can’t you see the love in this river show ?
Ina the cycle of the water, for all she knows is the flow of old.
Oh ! The stories she’s told of the birth and the passing of all


Water like the soul has an old memory
Here from beginning ina same quantity
In the sea, the plants, the river and your body
Not to say in all that you see
Conscience a grow ina the water it a flow
Cover the earth in form of rain, in form of snow
All of my fears and all of my love
Ina the flow of this river it a show
Ina the cycle of the water, all I know


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