Sweep It Out Riddim

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Sweep It Out Riddim
Label: 149 Records
Produced by M Forestal, played by 149 Band
Release Date: 08/02/2019
Format: Digital


Drums: M. Dormoy
Bass: R. Meredith
Guitar: K. Nguyen-Duc
Keys: C. Fages
Percussion: L. Delhotellerie


01. Anthony Que – Pack Up Your Guns 
02. Cedric Myton – Statue Of Gold 
03. Queen Omega – Dirty Minds (Sweep It Out) 
04. Derajah – Destiny 
05. Charly B – Road It No Easy 
06. Jae Prynse – Remember To Pray 
07. Sophia Squire – Now You Know 
08. 149 Records – Sweep It Out Riddim Instrumental

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Label: 149 Records

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